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It's okay not to be okay!

Hey guys!

Thank you to all of you that have read my blog posts and for the feedback.

It's been a while! I had a plan to write every week, but with everything that is happening in the world right now, it's hard. I will continue to blog when I feel for it, but I cannot guarantee it will be every week.

So let's be real for a moment. 
Things are hard these days. I know a lot of people are struggling more than usual. I included. I just want to say that it is okay. It's okay not to be okay. It's okay to struggle. And reach out to people if you need to talk about it. You are not weak for asking for help. You are strong! Mental health is important, and it should be something that we can talk naturally about. If you think someone you know is struggling, send them a message and ask how they are doing. It doesn't take much time, but it can mean so much to them. Nothing is too small or too big to talk about. I know I used to think that my feelings weren't big enough to "complain" about or asking for help. But I couldn't be more wrong. I've learned that no matter what you are feeling, your feelings are true to you, and you matter. 

I'm not sponsored to say this, but if you are struggling, you can visit They are a nonprofit organization for mental health. You can donate by shopping a few t-shirts or became a twloha blue member like me and give a few bucks every month. You will find a lot of information and also a number to call if you need help right away. They arrange the interview that saved my life in 2016, so I support them as much as I can. On May 16th, I attended a virtual 5k race that they had. I was running for a few different reasons. I ran to celebrate that my story is still running. That I'm grateful to be alive. I ran for hope and help. And for those who can't. Mental health is something I work hard to normalize. I care about other people. So please stay! We will get through this!

Stay safe and take care!

- Ane

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