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Grab the moment!

Hi guys! 

Welcome back, and thank you so much for the feedback after my first post! How was your week? I hope you have been able to think about some of the questions I asked last week.

I want to share with you some of my answers and where they have led me. 
If everything were possible, I would travel the world full time and tell stories through my lens because I love to travel and photography. As you can read about me on my website is that I started Grab The Moment Photo in June 2019 as my first step toward my dream. It started with an Instagram account and a Facebook page. Then I made a website. And now, I am starting this blog. It has become clear for me over the last few years that I need to build a connection with people before I can inspire them. I want to create a safe community with my followers, where your story is important.
 One of my favorite things, when I travel, is to get to meet new people and hear their stories. Nothing inspires me more. Hopefully, I will be able to meet you on my travels. 

 My story about genuinely living my life and my love for travel started the day I came back from my first solo trip in 2018. ( I will make a post about that later). 
A few years earlier, I had struggled a lot for a long time, and I wanted to die. But on world suicide prevention day in 2016, someone saved my life. I decided to continue my life, but I needed a dream that was big enough to keep me going even on my hardest days. So that night, I created my goal that a few years later lead me to Florida and Orlando. Little did I know that this trip would change everything. I didn't know that I would travel alone, but when I'm looking back, it was for the best. I was nervous about it, but my dream was bigger than my fears. And it happened to become the most amazing thing that I have ever done. I have never felt a bigger feeling of freedom in my life. And as soon as I was back home in Norway, I couldn't wait to take my next solo trip. Since then, I have traveled solo to 15 countries, and I'm just getting started. I can't wait to feel free again. Since it looks like it will be some time before my next trip, I'm thinking about writing a post about my experience of solo travel. Have you ever traveled solo? Or maybe you are thinking of trying to do it? Tell me about your favorite place or country to visit.

Stay safe and take care!

- Ane

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