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Congratulations! You made it!

You made it through 2020!

Whatever way you did it, I'm proud of you!

-And for those who did not, I understand, and I'm sorry!

2020 was a struggle, for sure.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for you!

For me, I found a lot of comfort in the fact that we were in this difficult time together. It wasn't just another year I struggle by myself. Almost everyone had a difficult time.

Did you learn something from 2020 that you can take with you into the new year?

I learned a lot of lessons. And I know I will use them to move forward to create the best possible year for me out of 2021. From the day I stopped focusing on all my frustration about covid-19 and all the things I couldn't do something about. I started focusing on the most important things to me—the things I wanted to be better at. Every day I do what I need to do to be a better version of myself. And I love this journey. I have met some amazing people that are helping me.

2020 was a shitty year in so many ways, but I learned so much that I wouldn't be without it. I can`t wait to see what I can create out of 2021. I hope you will follow and that I will meet you somewhere in the world when we all can travel again!

Stay safe. Take care! - Ane

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